Released March 10, 2017

Photographer of the issue: Harry Potts

A night at Atlantic studios – It is remarkable that a brief recording session by an unk-nown band made in the late seventies at Atlantic Recording Studios in New York City is still of interest today. But then you realize that this little five piece band from Down Un-der would become one of the biggest rock and roll bands in the history of music: AC/DC.

Making of “Who made who”

A very special birthday party in South Shields – After the first two Geordie re-union gigs in Newcastle and Hebburn, the third one took place in South Shields.

On the road with Dazgoulash – Follow Darren Goulden also known as “Dazgoulash” and his stories from being on the road, exclusivly for Overdose.

Circus Krone – Why in 2003 did AC/DC de-cide go out again in a supporting role, and as a club act, when there was nothing to prove? The answer is in the question

Sons of ‘DC: Airbourne – Joel and Ryan O’Keffee are tearing it up around the world with their high energy, take no prisoners rock and roll and they leave the fans screaming for more. Overdose sat down with the brothers to learn more about the band and their great affection for AC/DC.

Lisbon fanreport

Meet the fans… Kaori and Sven