Released August 10, 2021

Sweat, noise & AC/DC – Through the eyes of Matthew Nagra we get to be a part of the “Rock the blues away” videoshoot at a sleezy pub in Los Angeles.

Underground roots of Malcolm Young – The following ‘Underground Roots of Malcolm Young’ is a true story, as told to Kurt Squiers through the eyes of longtime Australian roadie, Ronald Clayton.

PWR UP with Mike Fraser – In usual manner, AC/DC went into the studio with no one knowing about it. Except for a few paparazzi that captured it with their cameras from a rooftop. In this interview Mike Fraser talks about the work behind the “Power Up” album.

Propping up the stage: The rocket dildo – We continue to dig into the archives from AC/DC stage productions through the decades. In this article we cover the years 1983 through 1988

A readers experience of the Monsters Of Rock – In this article, Looy paints up a picture of how his experience at Donington over the years

Q&A with Tim Parsons – Along with Maurice Jones, Tim Parsons founded the festival “Monsters Of Rock”. This is Tim’s story about the early years.

On the road with Dazgoulash

Top 6 Essential Bon Scott Era Collectibles – We’ve broght back the “collector’s item” part of Overdose, only now we’ve asked fans to present selected parts of their collection. First out is Tam Hardie showing us some precious items from his collection.

Meet the fans: Alan Shailes

Tom Bombo’s adventures