Released January 15th, 2024

Turn up the heat – Darren Goulden takes us through the filming of the iconic musicvideo “Heatseeker”

The first steps in my life with AC/DC – Björn Hellborg tells us his story of beeing a AC/DC fan, the story goes back to his first show in 1976

Locked and loaded – B.J. Lisko sits down with Jackyl’s singer Jesse James Dupree to talk about Brian Johnsons guest appearance with the band

Feelin’ safe in New York City – In February 2000, Bill Voccia had the oppertunity to attend AC/DC’s listening party for their “Stiff Upper Lip” album at the Hard Rock Café in New York. This is his story

Highway to hell on a forklift

The most humble rock band in the world – During AC/DC’s visit to Argentina on their “Ballbreaker” tour, Caio Dabusti was the bands private driver. This is his story about the most humble rock band in the world.

A ball to the wall – We continue to dig into the archives from AC/DC stage productions through the decades. In this article we cover the Ballbreaker tour

Radio Broadcasts from 1978-1979 – Jonathan Ballantyne takes us through the first years of radio broadcasts with the band including the iconic recordingsession at Atlantic Studios in 1977.

On the road with Dazgoulash – In Darren Goulden’s tourdiary he gives us a insight of his pilgrim travels all over the globe.

How Did I end up here? – Kelly Shaefer tells the story of when he was produced by Brian Johnson

My top razors edge collectibles – Supercollector Nate Athoff takes us through his collection of rare collectibles from “The Razors Edge” era

Meet the fans: Jyrki “Spider” Hämäläinen

Tom Bombo’s adventures